East Grinstead Music & Arts Festival

2024 Festival 
Entry now open – see HERE

2023 Festival  report        

It is quite surprising that we came through a difficult, but successful festival in 2023. We could never have known how the stringency on family pockets would affect our entry numbers, but it was pleasing to see numbers climbing back to pre-pandemic levels.
Nonetheless, we do have to attract more local interest, and at a time when the arts subjects are disappearing from some of our schools, the Festival does present a great offer to students, whether in Singing, Speech & Drama or Dance to perform before expert adjudicators.

This year we instituted a Musical Theatre Workshop and Masterclass into our programme – a wonderful opportunity for the student to receive the very best help and assistance in their performing skills without it being in competition. Great for their CVs!
Please spread the word to family and friends. Our Section Secretaries will be pleased to hear from them, or they can refer to this website to keep in touch with our contacts and obtain information about the syllabus and to register their interest when 2024 bookings are open.
Thank you to those who volunteered for us this spring. You are the lifeblood that keeps us going. Volunteering is also an opportunity to converse with like minded friends. Please do consider it and contact us if you would like to help – HERE
Paul Johnson