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Cup Winners in 2016


Nicola Miles Shield Roshe Performing  Arts

Roshe Cup Amy Page

SHA Cup Victoria Hitchens

Nancy Ellam Cup Lara Judd

Audrey Lucking Cup Grace Monks

Jubilee Cup Emma King

Ten Acre Cup Carys Clarke

MacKinnon Cup Alicia Ally

Tillyard Shield Victoria Hitchens

Jean Frecker Cup Kathryn Belcher

Royston Cup Carys Clarke

Dean Cup Grace Rutter

Fairlawn Cup Freya Hiles

Redhurst Trophy Katie McPhee

Roberts Cup Maisie Etherington

Gwen Stone Cup Amy Pickup

Rosemary Woodd Cup Amy Page and Emma King

Jolene Kiddle Classics Cup Sophie Adsley

The Senior Stage Cup Charlotte Oliffe

Ann Packham Stage Cup Carys Clarke

Thomas George Cup Lillie Belle Wright

Bridget Espinosa Cup Amy Page

Robert Harold Tankard Andre Weller

Janice Fullman Shield Kathryn Belcher

Emily Miller Cup Hollie Prest/Amy Page

Amanda-Jayne London Williams Cup Erin Dallas/Alicia Ally

The Monty Cup Belle Hart/Isabella Aleppo

Alexander Miller Cup Bo Valentine/Kiera Bateman

Dudley Shield Georgia Chapman/Emily Devine/Aimee Ellerbeck

Anniversary Cup Olivia Siambe/Ruby Neville/Olivia Lloyd/Roseabella Murphy

The Ruby Cup Lara Judd/Jodie Judd/Chloe Randell/Lucy Rockcliffe

Jean Campbell Cup Lily Butler/Nancy Vincent/Evie Mivec/Victoria Hitchen

Ivy Cup Carys Clarke

Step Lively Cup Amy Pickup

Kirsty Smith Cup Amy Pickup

Commemorative Cup Siane Clarke

Holland Cup Summerscales Performing Arts

Ann Cooper Cup Fiefly Dance School

The Parker Shield Redhurst Schools of Dance

Tanya Allen Cup Orwell School of Dance

Fuller Plaques D.1 Sascha Watson-Lobo; D.2 Sascha Watson-Lobo

Festival Trophy Emma Walker

Erica Jeans Musicality Award Anna Smith

Mackie Cup Pinner Theatre Dance

Christine Glenister Cup Summerscales Performing Arts

EGMAF Dance Bursary (13yrs & Over) Kathryn Belcher



Anniversary Cup Amelia and Isabelle Worssam
Lena Phillips Cup No. 1 Amelia Worssam
Junior Folk Song Cup Amelia Worssam
Maria Dunn Trinity Shield Budding Stars Musical Theatre
Terence Kennedy Shield Greenstede Singers 
Anne Ireland Cup Amelia Worssam
Floyd Cup Emily Stimpson
Simmons Cup Isabelle Worssam
Rebecca Abigail Cup Isabelle Worssam
East Grinstead Festival Shield The Young Deers
Alex Leggat Shield Heathfield Drama Club Junior Singers
Jan Swabey Cup Amelia Worssam
Freeland Shield Hollie Sinden David
Lena Phillips Cup No. 2 Isabelle Worssam
Meridian Cup Emily Stimpson
Junior Recital Cup Isobel Wilson
June Easther Cup Tara Buxton
Brixton Cup Eleanor Grant
Helena Voller Rose Bowl Eleanor Grant
Gilbert and Sullivan Cup Eleanor Grant
Grace Earll Cup Eleanor Grant
Millennium Cup Eleanor Grant
E.G. Operatic Rose Bowl Eleanor Grant
East Grinstead Courier Cup Eleanor Grant
Mario Lanzo Cup Eleanor Grant
Cantate Cup Eleanor Grant
Belcanto Award Eleanor Grant
Renee Dowdall Bursary Heathfield Drama Club Singers
Hellermann Deutsch Premier Award Eleanor Grant

Speech & Drama

Robin Easther Senior Theatre Cup Adelaide Barden 
Robin Easther Junior Theatre Cup Amelia Worssam 
Junior Granarian Cup for Verse & Prose (12 & u) Alexa Richardson 
June Easther Cup for Prose Reading Alexa Richardson 
Dial Industries Cup for Drama (12 & under) Grace Towning 
Act One Beginners Shield for Drama (13-18 years) James Whitaker & Sam Cunningham 
Thomas Skinner Cup for Shakespeare Grace Richardson 
Prebble Cup for Mime (12 & under) Emily Nye
Renah Bennet Shield for Mime (13-16 years) Georgia Archer 
Parklands Cup for Bible Reading Yasmin Wilson
Ashurst Young Drama Group Cup (6 yrs & under) Olivia Baldock
Alexander Academy Boys Cup (under 12) Sam Buckle 
Renah Bennet Cup for Boys (13-18 yrs) Ivo Salway 
Speech Skills Shield for Group Improvisation Heathfield Youth Drama Intermediates
Casquettes Cup for Choral/Group classes Heathfield Youth Drama Intermediates 
Musical Theatre trophy (12 years & under) Sophia Ally & Will Tarpey
Musical Theatre trophy (13-15 years) Jack Barnard 
Ariel Theatre Shield (16-18 years) Lizzie Martin
Verity Eunson Effort Shield Isabella Aleppo
Chequer Mead Bursary Harry Simpson
Musical Theatre bursary Charlie Swan
Junior bursary Max Williams
Senior bursary Heathfield Youth Drama



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